How to Make Your Own Capacitor

I will discuss the following:

  • Material used, the surface roughness and structure.
  • The material Preparation and making steps.
  • The testing and the capacitors tolerance.
  • Difficulties and interesting results.

# Material used, the surface roughness and structure:

Capacitors are made in many different ways, some of them are made from Tantalum Electrolytic, Aluminium, Ceramic, plastic and many more, and we were acquired to use Aluminium foil as plates and plastic & paper as dielectric. Using the materials as they are frame shop wasn’t a good idea.

As shown in the picture 1.1 the Aluminium foil is dirty and full of pumps drown from the manufacturer;

The roughness of the material now is High and smoothing must be down to make a good contact with the dielectric material .
Another example,the dielectric before smoothing, clearly we can see a lot
of pumps and dirt.