Audio Amplifier

class A amplifier is properly the pest choice for an easy cheap signal amplifier spicily when comes to sound, it’s able to sport a great range of frequency’s and could drive a good ohm speaker, also is good to mention sometimes a better option like class T which is paced on AB class but it is out of this scope.

Op-amp or so called operational amplifier is a DC-coupled high-gain voltage
amplifier which was devolved by Karl D.Swartzel Jr. in Bell labs has
differential input and usually a single ended output.

 The specific application of the op-amp is to amplify signal, in the past they were used in analogue computers to perform mathematical operations in many linear and non-linear and frequency-dependent circuits. Speaking of amplifying, in this work we were assigned to design and simulate a functional electronic circuit that is based on operational amplifier, and the circuit is one which will take human voice through a microphone and then amplifying it so that we can drive a speaker to hear the voice coming from the microphone.

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