Robotallic : a locomotive robot using smart-materials as actuators

a micro robot that uses Smart material as actuators, named Robotallic, that locomotes and can be controlled with a computer to enable practical applications. I used an inexpensive, commercially available Smart material instead of specially prepared one that are not easily accessible to most robotic engineers enjoy.

The article in My website :

Plastic waste Extrusion machine [ Early prototype ].

This is a showcase of a plastic waste Extrusion machine that takes plastic waste and turn it in to usable plastic for example as shown in the video a 3d printing filament, the project so far was a group work of 4 people as shown by there names on the display on the binning of the video. As it was written this project is in its early stage and will be featured a gain in the future with much more details and improvements,

There is a detailed post on how this machine was built visit Documented projects :

Tablet – PC Looks Like 1800’s Tablet PC.

This Tablet-PC was built from old pcs, it is a full core i7 pc,it was built as first version of its generation,Add to it some modification which makes it perfect as lab bench linux machine,it is very useful in such environment some of its uses:

  • used to view datasheet when working on circuits.
  • can be used as monitor for USB microscope.
  • can be used as a controller for testing equipment ex : logic analyzer …ect.
  • with the 6X USB it can support many test equipment at the same time.
  • with the card reader module it is always ready to read any kind of cards.

As listed above,these only some of its uses , in the end it is a full working pc!

Smart Home Parking Garage, Working Prototype.

What is that makes smart home smart?, in this project showcase you will see a new thinking of what makes this smart parking garage smart, some of the systems which were introduced are:

  • Smart car recognition system ,the garage door opens only for the cars which are listed in the weight list.
  • Automated orientation car system ,No matter how small the garage, you will always find your car oriented to the right direction every time you go out.
  • Wireless charging, the car will always be fully charged thanks to the smart garage.
  • Automated car wash,the car will be washed automatically according to schedule set by the owner.
  • Air quality control system,smart lighting and the revolutionary cooling system.

Micro Robot (New Ways of Motion)

Shaping the future of micro robots is a must , micro robots are the future,this project showcase is meant to discover new ways of motion,it should not be only wheels or legs full of stepper motors to move a robot ,,we must find a new ways to move these futuristic micro bots, light, quit and flexible.

Automatic Power/battery Switch Circuit ALPHA V1.0

This glue pen is very nice for small work, but in a lab it was a problem, with it’s very small battery it would last only 5-7 minute if i’m lucky at all, then i would wait for an hour to fully recharge so the solution was to make it hybrid to that i could power it with a power supply , and use the battery when i’m need something portable, so the circuit is a simple on/off circuit which will switch to the power supply when connected to it.

RC Boat.!

It’s an old creation of mine and one of my best friends,basically it is a Remote controlled boat,with the tow powerful Mercedes water motors it preformed wonderfully,it’s an old project but one of a kind..!