About me

For me science, life around me, humans, everything in this universe and, the universe itself, it’s words of a puzzle needs to be solved, It’s the philosophy of physics carrying a special tone of the strings themselves.

In this world there is no supernatural, I believe in science and knowledge, science is a philosophy,” It is a way of understanding god and life through knowledge which is based on pure reason and pure rational thought “. Physics, Mathematics, Engineering, Etc. are keys to uncover the mystery of universe and the true of life as we know it.

As scientist we Design and carry out experiments that bend the plan of what we consider reality, that is what makes science so interesting to me. because “only those that risk going too far can possibly know how far they can go”, a scientist is a man of questions, Determination and will, he is an adventurer a problem solver, his hunger for knowledge and answers will keep him going too far to make what others can’t ,to make the impossible and I am one of them , I believe that I will be a great help in days yet to come.

try this, Think back 5 –10 years, Imagining yourself Imagining yourself now .