About me

Allow me to take you through a short journey, you see for me, science, life, humans, everything in this universe and the universe itself, it’s words of a puzzle that needs to be solved, It’s the philosophy of physics carrying a special tone of the strings themselves. In this world there is no supernatural, I believe in science and knowledge. Science is a philosophy,” It is a way of understanding god and life through knowledge which is based on pure reason and pure rational thought “.

Physics, Mathematics, Engineering, Etc. Are keys to uncover the mystery of universe and the true of life as we know it. But we are kind of stuck, we know the earth and around 800 km in to space, beyond that is the hell itself, deep space still a hard topic to conquer but it is not impossible. You see a scientist/an engineer is a man of questions, Determination and will, he is the adventurer the problem solver, his hunger for knowledge will keep him going to make what others couldn’t, because “only those that risk going too far can possibly know how far they can go “

try this: – [ think back 5 –10 years, imagining yourself Imagining yourself now]. I like to do experiments and solve problems and think of theories that makes my brain melt, I love science as to me science is life. This is my passion for science in brief. hope the journey wasn’t boring after all.